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Seung-Hyun Kim, Dong-Yeon Park, Dong-Soo Lee, Hyun-Jung Woo, Jowoong Ha, Cheol Seong Hwang, Seehwa Jeong and Angus I. Kingon

The low-voltage-switching behavior of sol-gel-derived Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin film capacitors

Integrated Ferroelectrics, 1-4, 39, 13-22 (2001)



Hye Ryoung Kim, Seehwa Jeong, Chung Bae Jeon, Oh Seong Kwon, Cheol Seong Hwang, Young Ki Han, Doo Young Yang, Ki Young Oh

Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of very thin Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films at low temperatures for high-density ferroelectric memory applications

Journal of Materials Research, 12, 16, 3583-3591 (2001)


Cheol Seong Hwang

Bulk- or interface-limited electrical conductions in IrO2/(Ba,Sr)TiO3/IrO2 thin film capacitors

Journal of Materials Research, 12, 16, 3476-3484 (2001)


Cheol Seong Hwang, Jaehoo Park, Doo Sup Hwang and Cha Young Yoo

Compositional variation of metallorganic chemically vapor deposited SrTiO3 thin films along the capacitor hole having a diameter of 0.15μm

Joural of The Electrochemical Society, 11, 148, G636-G639 (2001)


Hoon Joo Na, Jae Kyeong Jeong, Myung Yoon Um, Bum Seok Kim, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Hyeong Joon Kim

Effect of annealing on electrical properties of Pt/β-SiC contact

Solid State Electronics, 9, 45, 1565-1570 (2001)


Seung-Hyun Kim, Jowoong Ha, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Angus I. Kingon

Ca- and Sr-doped (Pb1-xLax)(ZryTi1-y)1-x/4O3 thin films for low-voltage operation

Thin Solid Films, 1-2, 394, 130-134 (2001)


Suk-Kyoung Hong, B. Yang, Sang Hyun Oh, Young Min Kang, Nam Soo Kang, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Oh Seong Kwon

Stress effects of the Inter-level dielectric layer on the ferroelectric performance of integrated SrBi2Ta2O9 capacitors

Journal of Applied Physics, 12, 89, 8011-8016 (2001)


Jae hoo Park and Cheol Seong Hwang and Doo Young Yang

Optimization of annealing process for the (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films grown by low temperature (420℃) metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

Journal of Materials Research, 05, 16, 1363-1371 (2001)


Seung-Hyun Kim, Hyun-Jung Woo, Jowoong Ha, Cheol Seong Hwang, Hae Ryoung Kim, and Angus I. Kingon

Thickness effects on imprint in chemical-solution-derived (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films

Applied Physics Letters, 19, 78, 2885-2887 (2001)