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Nuo Xu, Tae Gyun Park, Hae Jin Kim, Xinglong Shao, Kyung Jean Yoon, Tae Hyung Park, Liang Fang, Kyung Min Kim*, and Cheol Seong Hwang*

A Stateful Logic Family Based on a New Logic Primitive Circuit Composed of Two Antiparallel Bipolar Memristors

Advanced Intelligent Systems, 1, 7, 1900082 (2019)

Yumin Kim, Jihun Kim, Seung Soo Kim, Young Jae Kwon, Gil Seop Kim, Jeong Woo Jeon, Dae Eun Kwon, Jung Ho Yoon, and Cheol Seong Hwang*

Kernel Application of the Stacked Crossbar Array Composed of Self-Rectifying Resistive Switching Memory for Convolutional Neural Networks

Advanced Intelligent Systems, 1, 7, 1900116 (2019)


Gil Seop Kim, Hanchan Song, Yoon Kyeung Lee, Ji Hun Kim, Woohyun Kim, Tea Hyung Park, Hae Jin Kim, Kyung Min Kim* and Cheol Seong Hwang*

Defect-Engineered Electroforming-Free Analog HfOx Memristor and Its Application to the Neural Network

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.9b16499

R. I. Romanov, M. G. Kozodaev, D. I. Myakota, A. G. Chernikova, S. M. Novikov, V. S. Volkov, A. S. Slavich, S. S. Zarubin, P. S. Chizhov, R. R. Khakimov, A. A. Chouprik, C. S. Hwang,*, and A. M. Markeev

Synthesis of Large Area Two-Dimensional MoS2 Films by Sulfurization of Atomic Layer Deposited MoO3 Thin Film for Nanoelectronic Applications

ACS Appl. Nano Mater., DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.9b01539


M. G. Kozodaev, Y. Y. Lebedinskii, A. G. Chernikova, E. V. Korostylev, A. A. Chouprik, R. R. Khakimov, Andrey M. Markeev*, and  C. S. Hwang*

Temperature controlled Ru and RuO2 growth via O radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition with Ru(EtCp)2

J. Chem. Phys. 151, 204701 (2019)


Woo Chul Lee, Sangtae Kim, Eric S. Larsen, Jung-Hae Choi, Seung-Hyub Baek, Minji Lee, Deok-Yong Cho, Han-Koo Lee, Cheol Seong Hwang, Christopher W. Bielawski, Seong Keun Kim

Atomic engineering of metastable BeO6 octahedra in a rocksalt framework

Applied Surface Science, 501, 144280 (2020)


Min Hyuk Park and Cheol Seong Hwang 

Fluorite-structure antiferroelectrics

Reports on Progress in Physics, 82, 124502, 23pp (2019)


Ahmed Yousef Mohamed, Seung Jun Lee, Younjin Jang, Jun Shik Kim, Cheol Seong Hwang* and Deok-Yong Cho*

X-ray spectroscopy study on the electronic structure of Sn-added p-type SnO films

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 32, 065502 (2020)


Yoonki Hong, Meile Wu, Jong-Ho Bae, Seongbin Hong, Yujeong Jeong, Dongkyu Jang, Jun Shik Kim, Cheol Seong Hwang, Byung-Gook Park, Jong-Ho Lee

A new sensing mechanism of Si FET-based gas sensor using pre-bias

Sensors and Acturators B: Chemical, 302, 127147 (2020)


Min Hyuk Park, Han Joon Kim, Gwangyeop Lee, Jaehong Park, Young Hwan Lee, Yu Jin Kim, Taehwan Moon, Keum Do Kim, Seung Dam Hyun, Hyun Woo Park, Hye Jung Chang, Jung-Hae Choi and Cheol Seong Hwang

A comprehensive study on the mechanism of ferroelectric phase formation in hafniazirconia nanolaminates and superlattices

Applied Physics Reviews, 6, 041403 (2019)


Liu Kai, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Jung-Hae Choi*

A First-Principles Study on the Oxygen Adsorption and Interface Characteristics with a-GeO2 of Ge[001] Nanowire

Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 75, 283 (2019)


Jaehong Park, In Won Yeu, Gyuseung Han, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Jung-Hae Choi*

Ferroelectric switching in bilayer 3R MoS2 via interlayer shear mode driven by nonlinear phononics

Scientific Reports, 9, 14919 (2019)


Woohyun Kim, Chanyoung Yoo, Eui-Sang Park, Manick Ha, Jeong Woo Jeon, Gil Seop Kim, Kyung Seok Woo, Yoon Kyeung Lee*, and Cheol Seong Hwang*

Electroforming-free Bipolar Resistive Switching in GeSe Thin Films with a Ti-containing Electrode

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 11, 42, 38910-38920 (2019)


Min Hyuk Park, Young Hwan Lee and Cheol Seong Hwang

Understanding ferroelectric phase formation in doped HfO2 thin films based on classical nucleation theory

Nanoscale, 11, 19477–19487 (2019)


In Won Yeu, Gyuseung Han, Jaehong Park, Cheol Seong Hwang, Jung-Hae Choi

Theoretical understanding of the catalyst-free growth mechanism of GaAs <111> B nanowires

Applied Surface Science, 497, 143740 (2019)


Guhyun Kim, Vladimir Kornijcuk, Jeeson Kim, Dohun Kim, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Doo Seok Jeong*

Combination-Encoding Content-Addressable Memory With High Content Density

IEEE Access (2019)


Eui-Sang Park, Chanyoung Yoo, Woohyun Kim, Manick Ha, Jeong Woo Jeon, Taeyoung Eom, Yoon Kyeung Lee*, and Cheol Seong Hwang*

Atomic Layer Deposition of Nanocrystalline-as-Deposited (GeTe)x(Sb2Te3)1-x Films for Endurable Phase Change Memory

Chemistry of Materials, 31, 8752-8763 (2019) 


Eui-Sang Park, Chanyoung Yoo, Woohyun Kim, Manick Ha, Jeong Woo Jeon, Yoon Kyeung Lee*, and Cheol Seong Hwang*

Developing Precursor Chemistry for Atomic Layer Deposition of High Density, Conformal GeTe Films for Phase Change Memory

Chemistry of Materials 31, 8663-8672 (2019) 


Cheol Jin Choa,b, Jung Joon Pyeona,c, Cheol Seong Hwangb, Jin-Sang Kima, Seong Keun Kima,⁎

Atomic layer deposition of Ta-doped SnO2 films with enhanced dopant distribution for thermally stable capacitor electrode applications

Applied Surface Science, 497, 143804  (2019)


Cheol Hyun An, Woojin Jeon, Sang Hyeon Kim, Cheol Jin Cho, Dae Seon Kwon, Dong Gun Kim, Woongkyu Lee,* and Cheol Seong Hwang*,†

Substrate Effects on the Growth Behavior of Atomic-Layer-Deposited Ru Thin Films Using RuO4 Precursor and N2/H2 Mixed Gas

J. Phys. Chem. C, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b03727(2019)