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H.J.Cho, S.J.Oh, C.S.Kang, C.S.Hwang, B.T.Lee, K.H.Lee, H.Horii, W.D.Kim, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

Improvement of leakage current characteristics of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 films by N2O plasma surface treatment

Applied Physics Letters, 22, 71, 3221-3223 (1997)


W.S.Moon, H.J.Chung, S.I.Woo, C.S.Hwang, M.Y.Lee, and S.B.Park

Effect of solution concentration on droplet size in ultrasonic aerosol generator

Journal of Aerosol Science, 28, S525-S526 (1997)


C.S.Kang, H.J.Cho, C.S.Hwang, B.T.Lee, K.H.Lee, H.Horii, W.D.Kim, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

Deposition characteristics of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films by liquid source metal-organic chemical vapor deposition at low substrate temperatures

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 36, 6946-6952 (1997)


K.H.Lee, C.S.Hwang, B.T.Lee, W.D.Kim, H.J.Cho, C.S.Kang, H.Horii, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

Variation of electrical conduction phenomena of Pt/(Ba,Sr)TiO3/Pt capacitors by different top electrode formation processes

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 36, 5860-5865 (1997)


C.S.Hwang, B.T.Lee, H.J.Cho, H.Horii, J.W.Kim, C.S.Kang, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

A positive temperature coefficient of resistivity effect from a paraelectric Pt/(Ba0.5,Sr0.5)TiO3/IrO2 thin-film capacitor

Applied Physics Letters, 3, 71, 371-373 (1997)


H.J.Cho, C.S.Kang, C.S.Hwang, J.W.Kim, H.Horii, B.T.Lee, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

Structural and electrical properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 films on Ir and IrO2 electrodes

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 7A, 36, L874-L876 (1997)


C.S.Hwang, M.D.Vaudin and G.T.Stauf

Influence of substrate annealing on the epitaxial growth of BaTiO3 thin films by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

Journal of Material Research, 6, 12, 1625-1633 (1997)


H.J.Cho, H.Horii, C.S.Hwang, J.W.Kim, C.S.Kang, B.T.Lee, S.I.Lee Y. B. Koh and M.Y.Lee

Preparation and Characterization of Iridium oxide thin films grown by DC Reactive Sputtering

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 3B, 36, 1722-1727 (1997)