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C.S.Hwang, B.T.Lee, S.O.Park, C.S.Kang, H.J.Cho, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

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Integrated ferroelectrics, 1-3, 13, 157-177 (1996)


J.M.Lee, C.S.Hwang and H.J.Kim

Characterization of MOCVD Pt electrode for ferroelectric thin films

Integrated ferroelectrics, 1-3, 13, 79-86 (1996)


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Effects of oxidants on the deposition and dielectric properties of the SrTiO3 thin films prepared by liquid source metal-organic chemical vapor deposition(MOCVD)

Integrated Ferroelectrics, 2-4, 12, 199-213 (1996)


H.J.Chung, J.H.Kim, W.S.Moon, S.B.Park, C.S.Hwang, M.Y.Lee and S.I.Woo

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C.S.Kang, C.S.Hwang, H.J.Cho, B.T.Lee, S.O.Park, J.W.Kim, H.Horii, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 9B, 35, 4890-4895 (1996)


S.O.Park, C.S.Hwang, C.S.Kang, H.J.Cho, S.I.Lee and M.Y.Lee

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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2B, 35, 1548-1552 (1996)


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M.Hill, G.S.White and C.S.Hwang and I.K.Lloyd

Cyclic damage in lead zirconate titanate

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 7, 79, 1915-1920 (1996)