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M3D-SoC (Monolithic Three Dimensional System on Chip)
  • This project, supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea through the “Leader project”, aims to demonstrate an artificial sensory system capable of online learning in the form of a monolithically integrated single chip which gathers and processes the surrounding information in real-time onsite with power consumption less than 100 mW. M3D-SOC is a single-chip intelligent system that performs sensing, processing, and learning by pattern recognition. It fully exploits emerging inorganic thin-film materials, including Si-integrable sensor array, resistive, phase change memories, and steep-slope MOSFETs based on the negative capacitance effect of ferroelectric materials. It also exploits the possible use of emerging process in-memory (temporal kernel computing, graph algorithm with RRAM CBA) architectures to enhance the efficiency of information processing. The biomimetic structural and functional connectivity between logic and memory are achieved through M3D integration of sensor, memory, and switch arrays. In-memory processing and the maximum communication bandwidth with highly automated parallelism guarantee energy-efficient operation for onsite data analysis and simultaneous online learning. Characteristics of the component layers and vertical interconnections are summarized as follows: Monolithic integration, High-density memory, Neuromorphic processing, and Low power CMOS.